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Strider 12 Sport

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Strider Strider 12 Sport 2018

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139,99 $
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Unique 12.7mm steel handlebar is 43% smaller than  standard to allow better control with tiny hands.  Custom logo mini-grips are soft urethane with protective ends.  Machined-aluminum quick  release allows “No Tools” height adjustment from 46-56cm (18-22”).


Strider-exclusive, ultralight one-piece wheels sport a  raised-letter, five-spoke design with 10 bearing support gussets for maximum  strength at the lightest weight possible.

Top-quality sealed cartridge bearings roll smooth and  never need adjustment.


EVA polymer tires are super light and durable yet offer a smooth ride. Best of all, they never need air and will never go flat.


The durable, all-weather mini-saddle is designed  specifically for beginning riders and their tiny hips.  Smaller, narrower, and lighter than a typical saddle, this seat allows for proper riding position and posture.  ** The Sport model also includes a padded XL saddle and long seatpost to fit kids over 3 years and allows seat height adjustments up to 48cm (19”).

Bar and seat clamps

Machined aluminum quick release allows “No Tools” saddle  height adjustment from 28-41cm (11-16”) for the perfect fit for your child.


Unique, frame-integrated footrests are properly positioned  directly below the saddle for natural bike balance.  This position also fosters the advanced  ability to stand while gliding as well as pumping and jumping the bike.

Brake mount

Strider-exclusive rear brake mount allows the addition of a foot-operated brake once the kids are proficiently gliding with feet on the footrests. Brake kit sold separately.

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Marques Strider
Année 2018
Cadre Non
Fourche Fourche
Suspension Arrière Suspension arrière
Levier de frein Levier de frein
Freins Freins
Levier de vitesse Levier de vitesses
Derailleur Avant Derailleur Avant
Dérailleur arrière Dérailleur arrière
Chaine Non
Cassette Cassette
Pédalier Pédalier
Guidon Guidon
Potence Potence
Tige de selle Tige de selle
Selle Selle
Jantes Jantes
Moyeux Moyeux
Pneux Pneux